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  • Forrester Wood

    Forrester Wood

    Established in 1964, Forrester Wood manufacture a comprehensive range of natural flavourings, colours, ice lolly compounds and ripple syrups for the ice cream trade. In addition we supply fruit juice concentrates, stabilizers for ripple syrup, sorbet and topping sauce together with sweeteners, preservatives and citric acid.

  • Gelato Line Ltd

    Gelato Line

    Gelato Line, founded in 2011, is an imported and distributer of high-quality products.

    With our exclusive partners Leagel, Icam Chocolate, Mec3 and smaller curated producers, we offer:

    • Complete selection for gelato, ice cream and sorbet creatin, including vegan collection, waffle cones, 100% fruir purees, premium nut pastes, personalised wafe discs, packaging, compostable packaging, personalised sleeves and cups, thermo boxes.
    • Grand Cru. Single Origin and Organic Chocolates. cocoa nibs,  powders, mass and butter, creams, decoratiom, inclusions.
    • Comprehensive range for pastery production from stabilisers to fillngs and glazes.

    We strive for the highest standards and aim to exceed our customers' expectations with our products, and bespoke technichal support. 

  • Graham Tyson

    Graham Tyson

    With over 48 years' experience in supplying packaging for the ice cream, dairy, food & industrial sectors, you can count on us to be the perfect choice in meeting your needs & requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products with unrivalled customer service. Our own fleet of vehicles, short lead times and an experienced comprehensive team including designated Area Managers and Internal Sales team, you can trust us to go above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Call, email or visit our website today to place your enquiry.

  • Henley Bridge

    Henley Bridge have been supplying a wide range of premium ingredients to the ice cream sector since 2016. Our range includes bases, flavourings, toppings & coatings, waffle cones, chocolate, inclusions and packaging.

    To supply our customers with truly authentic gelato ingredients we have sourced our range from the heart of Italy.

    - we‘re sole UK distributor for the Irca JoyGelato range of products

    - we’re sole UK & Ireland distributor for the Rubicone range of produce

    - we stock a wide range of Wafer Ltd waffle cones

    Need help? Our friendly team of experts are only ever a phone call away; they’re always able and willing to offer advice, training and support for everyone from Artisan producers to large manufacturers. We also run monthly training courses from our academy in Lewes.

    We hold the majority of our ingredients in stock and with next day delivery as standard for orders placed before 12 noon (UK mainland) we’re always here when you need us.

  • Keylink

    As partners of Callebaut, Essenza, and Colac, Keylink specialise in real chocolate gelato, plant-based gelato, innovative gelato flavour combinations and FrappShakes.  We offer complete mixes as well as bases to make your own, many of which are natural, clean label products.  We also supply flavourings, topping sauces, inclusions, decoration products, accessories, cones and Soft-serve and FrappShake machinery. We have great start up offers for customers new to gelato-making.  No minimum order, free next workingday delivery(Mon-Fri) on orders over £150+VAT placed before 2pm. Orders below £150 only cost £7 delivery.  Order value discounts are available.

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  • Lakeland Dairies Foodservice

    Lakeland Dairies Foodservice has been supplying the needs of the soft serve and thick shake market for over 70 years. Our pioneering Comelle and SpringCool liquid mixes are perfect for busy operators. Enjoyed since 1951, Comelle turns 70 in 2021. To celebrate 7 decades of our much-loved Comelle brand we are delighted to introduce our Best Ever Recipe. For further details, please visit our website or contact our Customer Care team for a full list of local wholesalers.


    Lakeland Dairies is a 100% farmer owned and managed Irish Dairy Co-Operative. For more than 100 years we have been producing high-quality, wholesome, nutritious milk. We are extremely proud of our heritage and reputation for excellence in dairy farming. Our milk is made from contented cows grazing freely on lush green pastures of family farms. Our 3,200 family farms are located in the beautiful countryside of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Here, plentiful rainfall, a mild climate and rich soil combine with our farmer’s devotion and co-operative’s expertise to create the high-quality milk which gives our products their unique flavour.


    Our Foodservice division offers an internationally trusted dairy range for professionals. Our portfolio includes delicious Comelle and SpringCool liquid ice cream and thick shake mixes, perfect for busy operators. Our products are carefully designed to deliver extraordinary taste and fantastic performance for our valued customers and we have a rich history of producing innovative dairy products.. Generations of family farming expertise goes into each product and we have been lovingly making butter and cream from our high quality milk since 1897.


    From lush green pastures, we create products trusted by chefs.

  • Machinery World

    Machinery World

    Machinery World have in stock the largest and most-competitively priced range of high quality new and pre-owned ice cream machinery in the UK. Authorised Agents for the world-famous Cattabriga brand as well as stockists of Promag and ROKK Processing equipment, we deliver machines, service, spare parts and industry-leading expertise. Whether it’s new or used machinery, part-exchange or outright purchase, servicing, maintenance or spare parts that you require, make Machinery World your first call.

  • Malibu Corporation

    Malibu Corporation, now part of Jestic Foodservice Solutions, have been supplying soft ice cream machines for over 35 years. We have one of the UKs largest selection of Soft Ice Cream machines with over 25 machines in its range ensuring we have machines suitable for every type of business. All Malibu machines utilise the very latest technology and come with a comprehensive warranty.

    Malibu Self-Serve

    Malibu self-serve soft ice cream machines offer a no mess, no fuss solution by offering a measured portion of soft ice cream at the push of a button. With the built in self pasteurising function you also save on labour costs with cleaning only required once every 30 days.

    Malibu CT 121 Slimline

    The Malibu CT 121 Slimline is one of the most compact soft ice cream machines available on the market. Measuring just 30cm wide and can fit in almost anywhere, Ideal for smaller operations.

    See our soft ice cream machines in action alongside some of the other finest catering equipment brands at our state-of-the-art test kitchens in Manchester and Kent. For those looking to try before you buy, we also offer a machine rental service.

    Contact our experienced staff today to see how we can help improve your ice cream offerings.

    01892 831960

  • Marcantonio


    Manufacturers of:Traditional Cones, Wafer Cups, Little Bear Teddy Top Cones, Decorated Waffle Cones, Little Bear Wafers, Florentine Wafers, Sugar Curls, Rossini Curls, and Vivaldi Long Wafer Curls.

    Manufacturers of: Waverley and Carousel Cones, Wafers, Oyster Delights and Nougat Wafers in Retail Packs and for Food Service.

    Suppliers of:  Sugar Cones and Waffle Cones, available Plain, Sleeved and Dipped, Waffle Baskets, Puccini Fan Wafers, Cadbury's Flakes, Chokstix and Fudge Fingers.

    Suppliers of:  Many different Personalised Items including Sleeved Cones, Wafer Discs, Ice Cream Tubs, Flavour Nameplates, Cone Holders, Cone Napkins, Ice cream Spoons and Spatulas.

    Sole U.K. Agents and Distributors for:  Pre Gel Flavours and Bases for Ice Cream, Sorbet and Patisserie, Sprint Products, Arabeschi, Wellness Products, Topping Sauces and Fruit Lounge Syrups for Cocktails, Milk Shakes and Smoothies.

    Sole U.K. Agents and Distributors for:  The Dupont Danisco Range of Products for Ice Cream and Frozen Confectionery and Cremodan Emulsifier/Stabilizer Systems.

    Sole U.K. Agents and Distributors for:  Cartoprint Ice Cream Tubs and Drinking Cups.

    Sole U.K. Agents and Distributors for:  Alcas Plastic Packaging and Spoons for Ice Cream and Patisserie.

  • ROKK


    Established in 2007, ROKK is one of the ice cream industry’s premier machinery brands.

    Solid and reliable, all ROKK machinery is constructed from expertly sourced, premier and well recognised components such as Festo pneumatics, Bitzer compressors, Telemecanique electrics and Siemens PLC’s and all machines are built on a stainless steel chassis which together, ensures that every customers gets the best return on their investment.

    Having sold machinery in every corner of the globe including the UK, Holland, Australia and Mexico, ROKK has quickly established itself as one of the most popular and aspirational brands in the ice cream machinery industry. Indeed, there are now more ROKK rotary filling machines operating in the UK than any other current manufacturer.

    Through superior practicality, performance and longevity with less downtime, ROKK machines provide the means to ease the strains of everyday ice cream production, including producing a consistently high quality end product while reducing the possibilities contamination during production as well as decreasing the man hours needed to operate the machinery.

    All ROKK machines come with a one year warranty and the business has experienced service engineers, fully trained in both electrics and refrigeration, on the road and on call 24 hours a day should they be required.


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