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  • Lakeland Dairies Foodservice

    Lakeland Dairies Foodservice has been supplying the needs of the soft serve and thick shake market for over 70 years. Our pioneering Comelle and SpringCool liquid mixes are perfect for busy operators. Enjoyed since 1951, Comelle turns 70 in 2021. To celebrate 7 decades of our much-loved Comelle brand we are delighted to introduce our Best Ever Recipe. For further details, please visit our website or contact our Customer Care team for a full list of local wholesalers.


    Lakeland Dairies is a 100% farmer owned and managed Irish Dairy Co-Operative. For more than 100 years we have been producing high-quality, wholesome, nutritious milk. We are extremely proud of our heritage and reputation for excellence in dairy farming. Our milk is made from contented cows grazing freely on lush green pastures of family farms. Our 3,200 family farms are located in the beautiful countryside of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Here, plentiful rainfall, a mild climate and rich soil combine with our farmer’s devotion and co-operative’s expertise to create the high-quality milk which gives our products their unique flavour.


    Our Foodservice division offers an internationally trusted dairy range for professionals. Our portfolio includes delicious Comelle and SpringCool liquid ice cream and thick shake mixes, perfect for busy operators. Our products are carefully designed to deliver extraordinary taste and fantastic performance for our valued customers and we have a rich history of producing innovative dairy products.. Generations of family farming expertise goes into each product and we have been lovingly making butter and cream from our high quality milk since 1897.


    From lush green pastures, we create products trusted by chefs.

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