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  • Henley Bridge

    Henley Bridge have been supplying a wide range of premium ingredients to the ice cream sector since 2016. Our range includes bases, flavourings, toppings & coatings, waffle cones, chocolate, inclusions and packaging.

    To supply our customers with truly authentic gelato ingredients we have sourced our range from the heart of Italy.

    - we‘re sole UK distributor for the Irca JoyGelato range of products

    - we’re sole UK & Ireland distributor for the Rubicone range of produce

    - we stock a wide range of Wafer Ltd waffle cones

    Need help? Our friendly team of experts are only ever a phone call away; they’re always able and willing to offer advice, training and support for everyone from Artisan producers to large manufacturers. We also run monthly training courses from our academy in Lewes.

    We hold the majority of our ingredients in stock and with next day delivery as standard for orders placed before 12 noon (UK mainland) we’re always here when you need us.

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