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  • Gelato Line Ltd

    Gelato Line

    Gelato Line, founded in 2011, is an imported and distributer of high-quality products.

    With our exclusive partners Leagel, Icam Chocolate, Mec3 and smaller curated producers, we offer:

    • Complete selection for gelato, ice cream and sorbet creatin, including vegan collection, waffle cones, 100% fruir purees, premium nut pastes, personalised wafe discs, packaging, compostable packaging, personalised sleeves and cups, thermo boxes.
    • Grand Cru. Single Origin and Organic Chocolates. cocoa nibs,  powders, mass and butter, creams, decoratiom, inclusions.
    • Comprehensive range for pastery production from stabilisers to fillngs and glazes.

    We strive for the highest standards and aim to exceed our customers' expectations with our products, and bespoke technichal support. 

  • Graham Tyson

    Graham Tyson

    With over 48 years' experience in supplying packaging for the ice cream, dairy, food & industrial sectors, you can count on us to be the perfect choice in meeting your needs & requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products with unrivalled customer service. Our own fleet of vehicles, short lead times and an experienced comprehensive team including designated Area Managers and Internal Sales team, you can trust us to go above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Call, email or visit our website today to place your enquiry.

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