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  • AHT Cooling Systems Supermarket (UK) Ltd


     - Market leading refrigeration, heating & cooling solutions

     - Wide range of ice cream scooping & impulse freezers - in stock in the UK

     - Industry expertise and trusted partner to many leading brands

  • Antonelli

    The first UK manufacturer to make sugar & waffle cones and still the only UK bakersof wafer, sugar and waffle cones, family owned Antonelli pride ourselves in producing 'Cones for the Connoisseur’. Low food miles to market plus our minimum wastage & recycling policy and our compostable products demonstrate our commitment to the environment.  We supply ice cream ingredients offering our own GELPRO range alongside products from leading Italian flavour housesComprital & Martini. Our passion for ice cream and high quality customer service lead to our investment in our Antonelli Gelato Academy where we provide our ice cream training courses.

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