The UK Re-Opens July 2020

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 12:19 -- ICAAdmin

From Saturday 4th July 2020, the Prime Minister has announced that pubs, restaurants and hairdressers will be able to reopen in England, providing they adhere to COVID-19 Secure guidelines. Scotland is looking to re-open restaurants and pubs (indoors) from the 15th July if all goes well but will re-open beers gardens in pubs from the 6th of July, Northern Ireland are re-opening restaurants from the 6th of July and Wales are due to publish their own guidance in the coming days. This is current thinking but with the caveat that if the R rate rises these dates could be delayed.

At the same time the Prime Minister also set out changes to the social distancing rules - where it is not possible to stay two metres apart, the new guidance will allow people to keep a social distance of ‘one metre plus’. This means you can stay one metre apart as long as you employ mitigations such as masks or plastic barriers so as to reduce the risk of transmission. This is for England only and the 2 metre social distancing remains in place in other parts of the country.

It is important that a thorough risk assessment is carried out before re-opening to ensure you have covered every area of risk for both your employees and your customers. An editable example copy of a risk assessment is available in the Member Only Area on the SharePoint to aid you. 

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