• 14 June 2018

    Mediterranean Ices was born when Ignazio Cardazzone bought the factory he worked in when he was younger. When asked what inspired him to start his business, Ignazio said “During the 70s and 80s I spent most of my... Read more

  • 29 May 2018

    In 1987, Lewis and Sue Richards set up Minoli’s of Machen  after attending a two week course and learning how to make ice cream. Lewis spent the first 30 years of his life as a dairy farmer and was keen to use his knowledge of good milk to make excellent ice cream. Sue said “M... Read more

  • 18 May 2018

    The Gelateria opened in 1926, and Ricky and Hannah Forte are now the third generation owners of the family business, after taking the helm in 1987. They are the perfect example of persistence paying off, as their gold medal in the Blackcurrant Frozen Yoghurt class is their first National Ice Cream Competition win.

    ... Read more
  • 11 May 2018

    Based in Stonehouse, Dave has been at the helm of ‘Dave’s Delicious Soft Serve’ for 47 years, and his 2018 win is his third consecutive victory in the competition!

    When asked about his third win he said “It felt fantastic, especially because it was my third time winning. I put it... Read more

  • 02 May 2018

    The flavour categories have been released for the next Competition, and the offerings provide a great variety of options to suit everyone; from the fruity delights of passionfruit, to the nutty joys of hazelnut.

     As the Ice Cream Alliance... Read more

  • 07 March 2018

    Karl Simcock was voted the best ice cream mobiler by The Ice Cream Alliance – the trade association for the UK’s £1bn ice cream industry.

    The award comes as Karl celebrates 25 years since launching Tony’s Ices –named in... Read more

  • 07 March 2018

    An ice cream business which started by selling ice cream to hard working coal miners has struck gold after being voted the best in the UK.

    More than 75 years ago Giuseppe Minchella's ice cream became a firm favourite... Read more

  • Label Regulations
    05 March 2015

    By Philip Pearman MIFST, FRSPH

    These general Labelling regulations come into force after 13th December 2014, the essence of the regulations are:

    • All pre-packed foods must be labelled and the wording must include:- Name of the Food, An ingredient list, Information on allergens or intolerances used in the food or that were... Read more
  • New Quality Standard
    28 January 2015

    The ruling will allow non dairy products to be sold as ice cream breaking a tradition that goes back more than 100 years.

    Until now ice cream had to contain minimum amounts of milk and fat in order to pass the legal food standard but this is no longer the case after the Government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs axed... Read more


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