Frozen Yoghurt Fever Hits Fortes Gelateria

Fri, 18/05/2018 - 10:01 -- ica

Now that the weather is heating up, you may find yourself craving a fro-yo; so why not try the best? This year, that honour lies with Fortes Gelateria of Swanage.

The Gelateria opened in 1926, and Ricky and Hannah Forte are now the third generation owners of the family business, after taking the helm in 1987. They are the perfect example of persistence paying off, as their gold medal in the Blackcurrant Frozen Yoghurt class is their first National Ice Cream Competition win.

When asked how it felt to win, Ricky said “We are really pleased to win. We’ve had bronze and silver diplomas before but to actually win the award was great”.

Ricky also expressed that Fortes are extremely proud of their Italian heritage, stating: “We try our upmost to source all of our ingredients directly from Italy so they are as authentic as possible…I really enjoy making the ice cream myself and always have done”.

Most importantly, their winning recipe is also attributed to the passion and dedication that Ricky puts into making all of his ice cream and frozen yoghurt.

Congratulations to Ricky, Hannah and all at Fortes Gelateria!

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