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  • Tony Roach Mobiler of the Year in Ice Cream Van

An ice cream man with a kind heart and raspberry ripple running through his veins has been voted the best in the UK.

Tony Roach, has worked in the ice cream industry since he was a young boy and now he has eight vans of his own operating under the Carnival Ice Cream brand in the Eastbourne area.

Tony was voted best Mobiler in the UK by the Ice Cream Alliance - the trade association for the UKs £1bn ice cream industry.

He won the award for his exceptional customer service and dedication to the industry and to his local community: “I’m a great believer in being part of the community and putting a smile on peoples faces which is what selling ice cream is all about.

"We enjoy working with schools and local charities to raise money and over the years we must have raised many thousands of pounds."

Tony set up on his own in 1979 with a 1965 Bedford ice cream van that he still owns, and now runs a distinctive fleet of modern and classic ice cream vans.

“I have a real dedication for restoring vintage ice cream vans, and I take great pride in the appearance of my vans and myself”.

“I am extremely passionate about the business I think ice cream really does run through my veins, and now to receive this ultimate honour is just fantastic”

Tony even had his first date with his wife Yvonne whilst working on his ice cream van. The ice cream magic must have worked because the couple have been together for 35 years and have two daughters Samantha and Leanne - who works in the business.

“It was a great first date and here we are all these years later. It’s been a wonderful journey and I am so pleased for Tony who really deserves this award for all his hard work and kindness to others” said Yvonne.

Tony also participated in the Guinness book of records attempt for the world's largest parade of ice cream vans. The successful attempt took place last October in Crewe and featured 84 ice cream vans.

Tony has expanded his business to provide a nationwide corporate events service, and an ice cream wholesale business.

More information on Carnival Ice Cream Supplies can be found at

www.carnivalices.co.uk or www.vintage-ice-cream-van-hire.co.uk



Written by Steve Verrill for The Ice Cream Alliance. 

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