Can you trade?

Fri, 24/04/2020 - 12:46 -- ICAAdmin

Can you trade? We advise compliance with Government guidelines at all times (see earlier correspondence and social media posts). The most up to date guidance can be found at the following web site

Local authorities are differing in the advice they are giving as to whether you are able to trade or not so it is very difficult to give blanket advice that would cover all our members. We are in contact with Public Health England and other authorities to try to improve this situation however as you can imagine they are currently very busy. Until we have agreement across the UK we strongly advise you to contact your local authority to seek their advice as to whether you can start trading again as there could be fines etc for people or companies if they trade when their local authority does not allow them too.

If you are able to trade under the current regulations and have sort the agreement of your local authority have a look at our advice in the members areas on how to manufacture, label and deliver safely.

As we get more clarification on the situation, we will publish further advice.

Let’s all play our part - Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives and protect our NHS

Issued 24th April 2020

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