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So you may be dusting off your trophies, framing your certificates and relishing your victories from the 2018 National Ice Cream Competition, but we have some exciting news to tell you about 2019’s competition!

The flavour categories have been released for the next Competition, and the offerings provide a great variety of options to suit everyone; from the fruity delights of passionfruit, to the nutty joys of hazelnut.

 As the Ice Cream Alliance will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2019, the Artistic Classes provide a celebratory feel that aims to showcase our rich history, and demonstrate the jubilant atmosphere that will encompass this milestone year for the Alliance. Meanwhile, Hazelnut is a new addition to the flavour category, in homage to Swoon Gelato’s Noccolia Hazelnut 2018 Open Flavour winning entry.

The flavours are as follows:

1st Sorbet: Passionfruit

2nd Sorbet: Blackcurrant

1st Flavour: Strawberry

2nd Flavour: Coffee

3rd Flavour: Hazelnut

4th Flavour: Chocolate

Artistic Class - Mini: Party Hat

Artistic Class - Large: ICA 75th Anniversary

Supply House: Cherry

Frozen Yoghurt: Mango

Newcomers: Vanilla

So, start practicing your recipes and let the creative juices flow, because who knows…this time next year, you could be our National Ice Cream Champion!

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