The Best Soft Serve Ice Cream in the UK!

Fri, 11/05/2018 - 10:47 -- ica

Dave Long, this year’s National Ice Cream Competition Soft Serve champion, is currently celebrating his triple success in the prestigious awards.

Based in Stonehouse, Dave has been at the helm of ‘Dave’s Delicious Soft Serve’ for 47 years, and his 2018 win is his third consecutive victory in the competition!

When asked about his third win he said “It felt fantastic, especially because it was my third time winning. I put it down to the Tarr’s Ice Cream I serve. It’s great. I’m proud to serve it.”

At 72, Dave still works 6 days a week and says “I love my job, I never want to retire. I love the banter I have with my customers, it’s great making them laugh and seeing the smiles on their faces.”

As well as having a pitch, Dave also does a regular round and enjoys doing a variety of events. He reckons he has the “prettiest” van around and is extremely proud of his number plate – S0F2Y!

Congratulations to Dave, and be sure to keep an eye on next year's results to see if Dave can make it four times in a row!

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