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Is all ice cream the same?

In one very important way all ice creams are the same as they are all gorgeous and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, but just think about it for a second, there are many, many different types of products all called ice cream but look, feel and taste very different to one another.

So what are the main types?

The first main type is what we in the ice cream trade call ‘soft’ but which is known to millions of happy customers as maybe ‘Mr Whippy’ or ‘Mr Softee’ and is often served as a ‘99’ in a crisp cone complete with a small stick of rich, flaky chocolate.

But not even soft ice cream is all the same as you will see by travelling around the country where in some places it is bright and white like the colour of milk and in others it is more golden like the colour of butter or rich cream. It is not only the colour that differs as individual makers choose the kind of flavour they want with some slightly sweeter than others or having a particular vanilla taste.

The second main type is what we in the trade call ‘hard’ but which is known by millions of happy customers as scooped being served as it is by being scooped out of a tub or container and piled on to a crispy cone.

Scoop ice cream is made in a slightly different way to soft which enables the maker to offer a mouth watering range of flavours and different textures by adding what we in the trade call ‘inclusions’ which are the bits of fruit, chocolate, cookie etc that are blended in to the ice cream when it is made for you to enjoy when you eat it.

So are all ice creams the same? Certainly not!

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